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Send Money To India

Exrarate Manager   |   Posted On: 2020-07-22 13:42:18
Send Money To India

Send Money To India

The availability of several international money transfer platforms has made it easier than ever to send the remittances in India or in any country. There is an array of payment transferring platforms available with diverse exchange rates. Whether you're an NRI or someone who has an inclination of hiring an Indian for remote work, you will definitely require a stable platform, which can help you transfer the remittance. Being the highest recipient of remittances in the world, India accounts for $68.968 in 2017. It can be bewildering to decide, which platform best fits your needs. It is because of several platforms, locking horns against each other to proffer the best exchange rates online.

Times have changed a lot and international money transfer is not just only limited to banks. As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of platforms, which lets you pay the lowest tax possible and transfer the money in a trice. But, sometimes it can vary widely due to the associated cost and the period of time it consumes to transfer the money to the intended recipient. Therefore, we have put together some foremost money transferring platforms that are assuredly going to accommodate you.

1. PayPal

Starting off with Paypal, it’s considered as the most popular platform, assisting in sending international payments at a fast pace. It is being used widely  by numerous people across the world. Apart from that, it’s an easy to set up platform with a friendly user-interface, which enables you to transfer money at their fingertips.

2. TransferWise

Some money transfer platforms may not be available in the outright parts of the world. But, with the extensive network of TransferWise, it makes it all possible for you. It comes with a wide range of network, using actual markup rates with no markups at all. Money goes straight into the receiver's bank in a couple of days with a fixed transfer fee, making it uncomplicated to estimate the rates.

3. OFX

Hitting at the third number of our list, OFX is a great rival to other platforms. Introduced in Sydney, Australia, OFX has now departments across the globe. Unlike Paypal and TransferWise, it charges a minimal exchange rate, and there are no additional fees included. It best fits you if you make an enormous transfer to someone or even if you have to transfer the money consistently.

4. Western Union

In comparison with the above platforms, Western Union is the oldest and most antiquated method of sending the payment. Being in the industry for so long, they never failed to keep up with the times. One of the best things about the Western Union is, you can pay through the cash. Yes, you've heard it right. It can be possible by reaching one of their brick and mortar locations. It's undoubtedly a secure method, proffering flexible deliverables.


How ExrateCompare Can Help You Choose The Best Platform?

There is no denying, trying out the outright money transferring platforms can be an arduous task. It's a time-consuming process, which takes plenty of effort in examining each and every aspect. With the precise tactics and methodologies of ExrateCompare, you will no longer have to single out several ways to save the money while transferring the money.

ExrateCompare lets you compare exchange rates of numerous platforms or applications by gathering together their exchange rates. It’s an easy to use real-time currency conversion platform, which helps you single out the best money transfer platform for absolutely free. On top of that, you will also be able to probe the historical data of currencies in a single click. ExrateCompare thoroughly understands, transferring money or remittance is an overwhelming undertaking; therefore, we have got you covered with our precise data, which lets you elude the efforts and save a gigantic amount of money.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can I send money with ExRateCompare, or are you just a service to compare various money transfer services?

    ExRateCompare is not a money transfer company, neither do we offer money transfer services. We are here to help you find the best way and best rate to send money. Tell us which country you want to send money from and which country you want to send money to, and we will show you a list of services and their rates. Once you select the best one for your needs, we will redirect you to the money transfer providers website and you can get started with your transfer.

  • 2. I use banks to send money, why should I consider other money transfer companies to send money?

    Banks are definitely an options for you to send money! But they might not be the best way to make international money transfers. Different banks would have different charges and fees, but the exchange rates can be different. We, at ExRateCompare lists as many banks as possible in our results, so feel free to check, compare the best rates.

  • 3. Do I need to come back to site frequently and keep checking the exchange rates?

    Currency exchange rates are dynamic and depends on various factors, they change frequently and it is our endeavour to bring you those exchange rates on a single screen. You should definitely check the exchange rates before making any transaction. To facilitate this, we have come up with Push, SMS and Mail Notifications, subscribe to these alerts and we would send you when the currency rate changes.