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Why, What, Where, Who & When of using ExRateCompare for Online Money Transfer

Exrarate Manager   |   Posted On: 2020-07-22 08:32:40
Why, What, Where, Who & When of using ExRateCompare for Online Money Transfer

What is Online Money Transfer?

Money transfer, in general, refers to the cashless mode of a transaction from one party to another. Millions of such online money transactions take place every day. The easiest and fastest mode of transfer is online money transfer. Online Money transfer refers to sending money to the receiving party through online platforms using internet services.

With over 200 Currencies to convert from, ExRateCompare facilitates remittance and seamless view of different exchange rates, offered by various Exchange House.

Why check Online Money Transfer before transferring Money?

  • Secure: ExrateCompare is secure website that provides rates from trusted platforms to ensure that the user gets correct and live rates. You can set up daily alerts to get the exchange rate for your selected currency pair. You Email ID & information is completely secure and safe with us!


  • Rates from Top Players- A Click away: We fetch rates from one of the most reliable brands in the industry. ExRateCompare boasts of being one of best platforms for users to compare rates offered by remittance companies and facilitate international money transfer services. We already has a large number of existing opt-in users, substantiating that users already trust the system implicitly.


  • Best Money Transfer Rates- We know it’s quite a hassle to visit multiple sites for comparing exchange rates. ExRateCompare not only shows the best exchange rates on online money transfer; it also helps you save more on every online money transfer


  • Quick and Hassle-Free – ExRateCompare leverages the latest technologies to provide a smooth and convenient view of money transfer rates. No need to stand in long queues anymore. Check before sending money online within minutes from anywhere!

Who, Where and When of Online Money Transfer using ExRateCompare:

Anyone who has access to internet can check the rates on ExRateCompare- Yes, it’s that simple!

When we say anytime, anywhere – we mean it! ExRateCompare connects currencies from all over the globe facilitating online transactions to more than 200countries.  

Our experienced and dedicated teams at ExRateCompare work 24*7 to leverage new-age technologies to be able to provide convenience to our users.

How to check the exchange rates with ExRateCompare:

  1. Enter the currencies– Visit the website and select the desired currency from the dropdown menu.
  2. o
  3. Enter the Amount- You can then enter the amount that you are planning to send. Once entered, you will be able to see the exchange rates offered by brands like UAE Exchange, Al Ansari Exchange, Western Union, Money Gram and Xe.

ExRateCompare works round the clock to help its users to save on international online money transfers with as much ease and security as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • 1. Can I send money with ExRateCompare, or are you just a service to compare various money transfer services?

    ExRateCompare is not a money transfer company, neither do we offer money transfer services. We are here to help you find the best way and best rate to send money. Tell us which country you want to send money from and which country you want to send money to, and we will show you a list of services and their rates. Once you select the best one for your needs, we will redirect you to the money transfer providers website and you can get started with your transfer.

  • 2. I use banks to send money, why should I consider other money transfer companies to send money?

    Banks are definitely an options for you to send money! But they might not be the best way to make international money transfers. Different banks would have different charges and fees, but the exchange rates can be different. We, at ExRateCompare lists as many banks as possible in our results, so feel free to check, compare the best rates.

  • 3. Do I need to come back to site frequently and keep checking the exchange rates?

    Currency exchange rates are dynamic and depends on various factors, they change frequently and it is our endeavour to bring you those exchange rates on a single screen. You should definitely check the exchange rates before making any transaction. To facilitate this, we have come up with Push, SMS and Mail Notifications, subscribe to these alerts and we would send you when the currency rate changes.